A lullaby for good health

Whenever I am stressed or angry, I take my headset and put my favorite music on. It can be my favorite tracks or some soothing music. Soothing music is preferred and soon you are in your zone, relaxed. Have you ever listen to music to relax yourself? If yes, then you will immediately connect with what I am about to mention below.

Enough research and studies have been done to tell that lullabies are good for your child. If you have sung lullabies to your baby or toddler, you sing them softly, not because Granny said so, but because they work and for following reasons –

  1. Lullabies help build bond between parents and child

Oxytocin, the hormone mothers may remember as contraction hormone of labor, plays an important role here. It is released during singing and thus is released during lullabies. An “in the mood” sung lullaby, releases Oxytocin that in turn helps build the bond, as this is the hormone of love too.

  1. Helps regulate emotions of the baby

As I mentioned above, music does help regulate emotions. It stimulates certain emotions through neural connections. Thus, when the child is upset or you feel the baby is agitated, singing lullabies turns negative thoughts/ emotions into positive emotions.

  1. Lullabies help establish routine

Routines are important to send signals to the child of different activities during day and night. Thus, lullabies send a signal to child’s brain that bedtime has arrived and its time to go to dreamland. And the child is now tuned to go to sleep.

Children improve their memory with lullabies and who knows, some of them may become good singers, since they may sing-along and improve their vocal cords.


Image Credits – https://sweetdreamers.co.uk/author/lucy-bates/