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Urinary tract infection

Prevalence of UTI in children less than two years of age

Approximately 7 percent,  highest among uncircumcised boys particularly younger than three months (about 20 percent). White children have 2 to 4 for higher prevalence of UTI then do black children. Girls have 2 to 4 fold higher prevalence of UTI then do circumcised boys. White girls with a temperature of equal or more than 39°C or 102.2°F with no apparent cause have a UTI prevalence of 16% for two through 23 months of age. Probability  UTI can be estimated on a case-by-case basis using online calculator ( .

Symptoms of UTI in children less than two years;

Fever which may be the only symptom, irritability, fussiness poor feeding or poor weight gain. Under two months of age has the highest risk of infection and if your child has a fever with no other apparent cause, please call your physician immediately or go to the emergency room.

Symptoms in order children;

Pain or burning when passing urine, frequent need to urinate, pain in the lower abdomen or side on the back and fever higher than 100.4°F or 38°C For older children try to make the same day appointment or consult your physician. 

Urine testing;

A urine sample is needed to determine if your child has a UTI. In younger children who are not toilet trained, initial testing can be performed on a urine sample collected in a bag. If the bag specimen is suggestive of urinary tract infection then he catheterized urine sample is required for culture. In older children who are toilet trained, collect urine sample in a sterile cup. Based on the symptoms and the result of urine dipstick test your doctor may decide to start antibiotic before urine culture results are available.