Success and Motivation

Every parent wants to see their children succeed. A successful child uses their abilities and resources to develop skills and stay motivated. Here are some tips for kids to be successful and achieve their goals and dreams.

  1. Have a mantra: “it is up to me!” A mantra is a statement or slogan you repeat to yourself frequently.
  2. Allow curiosity and dreams to grow
  3. Know your strength and weakness
  4. Have a clear and compelling vision and goal
    1. Visualize and write down these goals in a journal, create a vision board
  5. Create an action plan for the above goals
    1. Set five priorities for the day, they can be small steps that advance towards your vision
  6. Set aside a time to list out the steps
    1. Be consistent
  7. Share your goals with others to have accountability
    1. Assign an accountability partner, whether that is a friend or a parent
  8. The path towards goals is not always a linear, work hard and stay committed
    1. Look at the big picture, do not be afraid to fail
    2. Learn from your mistakes and keep a desire to learn
  9. Achieve your goals! Reward yourself
    1. Continual self-improvement, create new goals
    2. Always learn and evolve
  10. Optimism and positivity are crucial, keep a can-do personality
  11. Emphasize clarity and confidence, you have complete control!

5 Qualities of Successful People

  1. You learn because you want to, not because you think you have to
  2. Be willing to admit that you do not know everything, become a lifelong learner
  3. Leave your comfort zone and do something for yourself and others
  4. You are more likely to finish if you start
  5. Anticipate and advance, always two steps ahead of the pack

Being Happy

If someone hurts you and you cannot make peace, do not allow that thought or person to occupy space in your mind. If you keep thinking of the person who hurt you, you are creating an aura and vibration of pain around you and it will multiply. Think of peaceful, caring, and happy thoughts.

Lastly, appreciate yourself and others! Mahatma Ghandi said:

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever.”


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  • Vernon Jordan

Written by Dr. Subash Arora and Karen PA