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Success and Motivation

Every parent wants to see their children succeed. A successful child uses their abilities and resources to develop skills and stay motivated. Here are some tips for kids to be successful and achieve their goals and dreams. Have a mantra: “it is up to me!” A mantra is a statement or slogan you re...
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Milk Protein Allergy

Milk protein allergy occurs in young children, usually in the first few months of life with the introduction of cow’s milk formula to the diet. However, it can also occur in exclusively breastfed infants through the mother’s diet. The most common allergens are casein and whey, two dairy proteins...
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Otitis Externa : Swimmer’s ear

As the temperature outside continues to get warmer, many of your children’s days will be filled with swimming and other water activities. A common summer ailment we see in the office is swimmer’s ear also known as an outer ear infection. Swimmer’s ear can be a painful infection that, if no...
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Acute Otitis media (Middle Ear Infection)

Acute otitis media is an infection in the middle space of the ear, behind the ear drum. It is usually caused by bacteria or a virus. Often times, an ear infection occurs at the same time or soon after another infection such as a cold, flu, or allergies.  Children tend to get ear infections more...
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Yoga for Children

During the lock down, keeping your kids healthy can understandably be more difficult with the various restrictions and distancing rules. As we continue to fight the virus it is also important to strive to stay healthy and active. The team at Pediatric Associates wants all families to continue to exe...
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Fever, Thermoregulation and Endurence

Fever is a symptom, not an illness. Having a fever is actually a sign that the body’s immune system is awake and fighting an infection. Fever can be associated upper respiratory tract infections, flu, ear infections, roseola, tonsillitis, urinary tract infections, chickenpox. or overheating. Rarel...
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COVID-19 Alert

We have Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine available for age 5 years and up, at Pediatric Associates Urgent Care Evergreen Park and Pediatric Associate Orland Park. We are also giving booster vaccine for children 12 years and up, after five months after the second dose. Call for appointment. COVID 19 vaccine f...
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Neonatal Acne

There are two types of facial skin eruptions in newborns that are very similar in appearance that are often referred to as neonatal acne. First of which is neonatal cephalic pustulosis, which is a common skin condition that appears in 20% of infants. This results in acne-like lesions on the face, th...
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