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Zainab Ghouse, PA

Physician Assistant


Physician Assistant

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Zainab became interested in pediatrics after my first volunteering experience as a Freshman in undergrad. She worked with the Child Life Specialist at Advocate Lutheran General and that’s when she fell in love with pediatrics. She spent time with not only the patients but their families as well, listening to their story and struggles which inspired her to pursue a career working with children. She wanted to continue making an impact in the lives of children and their families, seeing them smile would make my day.
She believes it is vital to work together with families and our patients to ensure the best health care is given. Education on preventative health is super important and she believes that every parent should be given information on latest research and recommendations per CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics. This will help ensure that children are healthy at home and at school if parents are educated on importance of vaccinations and other health topics. Misconceptions on vaccines seem to be a current barrier in pediatric health care as some parents might not be aware of the importance of them. Continuing to educate our community based on research studies will help keep children healthy. She thinks it is not only important to connect with our patients but their families as well, ensuring trust and that they are receiving the optimal level of care that they deserve.