Fever and your baby

Your child having fever can be scary times for you, as parents. Especially, the 1st fever of infant. Most fevers are harmless and is generally not an illness and is a symptom that your child’s body is fighting an infection. It is body’s defense against infection. However, if your baby is less than 2-3 months old and has fever of 100.4 degree Fahrenheit (rectal reading) or more, call your doctor immediately.

While you as parent, wait to meet the doctor with your child, give plenty of fluids. If you breastfeed, then that is ideal and supplement with room-temperature water (fluids should not include apple or fruit juices, right out of the can – diluting them with water is better), oatmeals, baby formula etc. Also, do not panic and overdress your child with lots of clothes and cover with comforters/ blankets etc, even if child feels the chills, as the temperature will not come down with these. Always use a thermometer (digital is preferred), instead of guess work and keep a log of temperature, in a diary/ notebook. This will help, when you meet the doctor. Fever is highest between late afternoon and early evening and lowest between midnight and early morning.

Call 911 immediately, if you feel there is an emergency.